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What do modern crop circles mean? Part VI: Quetzalcoatl, Jesus and the year 2012

In the final Part VI of this review, we will discuss some of the latest crop pictures from 2008, and also try to put some of the missing pieces of this great puzzle together. Why should symbols for both Quetzalcoatl and Jesus appear in the crops? What will happen in the upcoming year of 2012 AD?

A gradual realization among crop circle researchers that Quetzalcoatl might be involved

After the dramatic events of Comet Holmes in late 2007, some of us searched through the crop circle archives, to ask whether there might be any other pictures from the past that could have predicted other astronomical events? That is how we learned more about the 1994 cometary impact on Jupiter, or the 1995 cometary outburst near Earth orbit.

In addition, while studying the Grand Conjunction crop picture from Alton Barnes on June 12, 1999, we noticed that in the same field, a magnificent "feathered serpent" image had been drawn, with its arrow-like head pointing toward the much larger astronomical glyph nearby. Likewise while studying the Seven Chakra crop picture from Pewsey on July 22, 2004, we noticed that in the same field, an ancient "Mayan Venus" image had been drawn, with four serpentine arms to represent the Feathered Serpent himself (see or

It turns out that there have been a lot of symbols for Quetzalcoatl in modern crop pictures, too many to describe here (see or or How could we not have noticed before? Was it due perhaps to our collective cultural ignorance of ancient central America? By contrast, Jaime Maussan as a leading Mexican journalist did not suffer such prejudices, and was already able back in 2005 to associate many of those Mayan-type crop pictures with the long promised return of Quetzalcoatl in late 2012, when his Long Count calendar ends (see or

What might a return of Quetzalcoatl and his colleagues mean for the people of Earth? No one knows for sure, but we will discuss some likely possibilities below. Certainly there is nothing to worry about! It is an event that we can look forward to with great joy and exuberance, if such an amazing prophecy is really fulfilled. And when exactly might it happen? Last year at Beckhampton on July 26, 2008, we saw another serpentine crop picture in the close vicinity of Silbury Hill (see

slide 50: Beckhampton 2008 (photo credits to Steve Alexander, Michael Murray and Patty Greer)

When inspected in close detail, the central ring of that new crop picture seems to have been carefully fashioned, so that it resembles the outline of Silbury Hill nearby (see above, left and upper right). Then around that central ring has been wrapped a large "serpent" shape, with a pronounced head and finely fashioned tail (see above, left and lower right). Such a serpent symbol could plausibly be meant to represent Quetzalcoatl himself. Finally on the far left, we can see a three-circle "comet" shape, the largest circle of which contains a small triangular arrow that points to the nearby serpent.

Hence the apparent message of that crop picture might be as follows:

"The feathered serpent will return to Silbury Hill at the time of a comet."

At first this message seems a bit obscure, because new comets appear fairly regularly in Earth's sky. But when considered in the context of another crop picture that appeared four days earlier on July 22, 2008 at Avebury Manor, it could refer to a bright comet that has been predicted for December 13, 2012, which is the last new Moon before their Long Count calendar ends (see

Symbols for Jesus and Quetzalcoatl appear side-by-side on the same English hilltop in August 2008

Just when we thought we had this difficult problem solved, and were able to attribute most modern crop pictures to a certain group of extra-terrestrials who taught in central America 2000 years ago, the final few crop pictures of 2008 brought a real surprise. Thus on top of Etchilhampton Hill on August 15 or 31, there appeared two side-by-side images of a somewhat religious nature: (i) a "cross" symbol for Jesus, and (ii) a "Venus" symbol for Quetzalcoatl (see or or or

slide 51: Etchilhampton August 15 or 31, 2008 (photo credits to Russell Stannard)

The first symbol for Jesus was clearly a "Celtic cross", as may be seen by comparison to other well-known Celtic crosses from France or Scotland:

slide 52: Etchilhampton August 15, 2008 (photo credits to Steve Alexander)

There were also of course many "crosses" found in the Mayan temples in central America, by Spanish invaders around 1520. If Jesus never lived or taught in central America, why should so many cross-type symbols appear there, of a religious and/or astronomical nature?

slide 53: comparison to Mayan crosses (photo credits to Steve Alexander)
For whatever reason, the ancient Mayans or Aztecs always had a cross symbol that they called the “World Tree”. Some authors speculate that it may have been derived from a cross-like shape of the Milky Way as seen at that latitude: "The plane of the ecliptic is sometimes represented as a bar crossing the major axis of the Milky Way, thereby creating a symbol that is similar to a Christian cross" (see Alternatively, it could perhaps have been taught there by Christian missionaries at a much earlier time?
Now when examined in close detail, the "Celtic cross" from Etchilhampton on August 15, 2008 (see above, left) seems to be made up of ten small S-like shapes. Six were drawn along its long vertical axis, while four were drawn across its short horizontal axis. In fact, that same S-like shape was shown earlier in the season at Furze Knoll on June 20, 2008, where it symbolized "25 weeks" between any two solar-lunar eclipse seasons on Earth (see Hence ten such symbols might be intended to remind us that only 10 x 25 = 250 weeks or 4.8 years remain, from the summer of 2008 until the spring of 2013, when their Mayan Sun-Venus calendar ends.
Two weeks later on August 31, a large "five-pointed star" symbol for Quetzalcoatl appeared next to that Celtic cross in a neighbouring field. The five-pointed star has traditionally has been used to symbolize five orbital cycles of Venus, which are required for that planet to return to the same location relative to background stars as seen from Earth. It also showed eight thin stripes outside of any two pointed arms, in order to symbolize the eight Earth years which are required to complete five cycles:

slide 54: Etchilhampton August 31, 2008 (photo credits to Russell Stannard)

Two other Venus-type crop pictures appeared near the end of the 2008 season. One from Great Stambridge on August 3 showed a similar five-pointed star, but without eight thin stripes (see Another from Barton Le Clay on August 14 showed a five-pointed star with three broad horizontal stripes, located between any of its two arms. Those broad stripes may have been meant to remind us once again, that only three orbital cycles of Venus or 3 x 1.6 = 4.8 years remain in our current eight-year calendar, from the summer of 2008 to the spring of 2013 (see

One month later in September 2008, a series of poorly-made fake crop pictures appeared in Wiltshire, culminating on September 28 with a much simpler copy of the original Celtic cross from August 15. The new human-made version showed only straight lines and round circles, rather than beautiful S-like shapes. After a field inspection, Charles Mallett commented: "The new cross picture is extremely messy. All of the patterned plants have been smashed and left dead on the ground, while there are obvious construction lines that run underneath the entire picture" (see

Who made the Celtic cross picture from August 15, 2008?

Could friendly extra-terrestrials have made the original Celtic cross picture, which appeared on top of Etchilhampton Hill on August 15, 2008? And if so, what could that mean? Traditional believers in Christianity have based their interpretations mainly on written testimonies by several of Jesus's closest disciples during his lifetime, namely Peter, Matthew or John. Other important testimonies were written later by Luke and Paul, or by Jesus's brothers James and Jude.

Yet ordinary people in those days did not understand modern astronomical concepts such as planet, solar system or galaxy. All they knew was up ("heaven") or down ("Earth"). Hence they could only write honestly about what they already knew. Should we perhaps re-assess what Jesus was trying to teach us, in light of modern scientific knowledge?

"No one has gone up to heaven except for the Son of Man, who came down from there." (John 3, 13)

"You are from below, but I am from above. You belong to this world, but I don't." (John 8, 23)

"We speak of what we know, and testify about what we have seen, but you people do not believe us. If I tell you about earthly things and you do not believe, how then will you believe if I tell you about heavenly things?" (John 3, 11)

We learn from those passages that Jesus "came down from heaven", and that he did not "belong to this world". Also, he arrived on Earth with at least a few other colleagues as a group. Other New Testament passages suggest a possible relationship between Jesus teaching in Israel around 30 AD, and Quetzalcoatl teaching in central America around 100 AD:

"I have other sheep that aren't in this pen. I will bring them together when they hear my voice. There will be one flock of sheep and one shepherd." (John 10, 16)

"I am David's great descendant, and also the bright morning star." (Revelation 22, 16)

"I will give power over the nations to everyone who keeps obeying me until the end. I will also give them the morning star." (Revelation 2, 26).

One of the three traditional symbols for Quetzalcoatl has always been that of Venus as a bright morning star. Indeed, that was the symbol that we just saw inscribed into crops at Etchilhampton Hill on August 31, 2008, directly next to another symbol for Jesus in the form of a cross. Could Quetzalcoatl have been one of Jesus's trusted colleagues around 30 AD, of whom he spoke in the Gospel of John? And by a similar interpretation, could Jesus now be "giving us the morning star", by sending Quetzalcoatl to Earth to make crop pictures and soon open contact?

The long-promised return of Quetzalcoatl in late 2012 or early 2013: if it does happen, what will it bring?

As we approach the end of this long review, it seems increasingly possible that Quetzalcoatl and/or Jesus---two great spiritual teachers who lived on Earth 2000 years ago in central America or Israel---might be responsible for the modern crop circle phenomenon as observed. And as a corollary to that hypothesis, it seems increasingly possible that the upcoming year of 2012 will bring great changes on Earth: whether extra-terrestrial, astronomical or spiritual in nature. Let us briefly discuss each of those possibilities in turn (see or or or

(i) One possible scenario for the year 2012 might be a near-future intervention on Earth by those crop artists, to help rescue our environmentally troubled planet. There seems to be no remaining doubt today that both North and South Poles are melting, whether due to natural or man-made causes. Our Sun has also begun to show unexpected behaviour (see or Our best clue to what might happen might come from studying their only message to us in plain English, obtained at Crabwood in 2002 (see or or

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing."

In the text above, "bearers of false gifts" could refer to visiting grey aliens, who supposedly promised the US government various kinds of extra-terrestrial military technology to help defeat Russia during the Cold War, but then broke their promises (see That interpretation seems especially plausible, since the unpleasant visage of a grey alien general was drawn in the same field nearby.

"Much pain but still time" implies that we will all be in trouble soon on Earth. Yet the precise nature of that trouble is not specified, nor its precise time.

"Believe: there is good out there" is a clear appeal to our faith, to help us believe that some extra-terrestrials are spiritually good. By implication, the greys do not fall into this category.

"We oppose deception" may refer to international media organizations who are lying about the reality of modern crop pictures, especially since the entire Crabwood picture pointed toward two radio-TV towers a few hundred meters away.

"Conduit closing" may refer to their means of transmission: sending small robotic probes through narrow passages of space or time, which are then programmed to carve out specific pictorial messages in English or European fields. We showed in Part I of this essay some very clear photographs of those small robotic probes. Many different witnesses have seen them. They have been chased or intercepted on numerous occasions by British military helicopters.

In summary, the Crabwood message shows a clear and direct concern for the short-term safety of humans on Earth. And since those crop artists possess some kind of advanced spacetime technology by which to see into the future, they would know! Thus the possibility of near-future intervention in 2012 by those crop artists---for example to provide us with pollution-free energy while ridding us of nuclear weapons---should not be ruled out. Indeed, such an intervention may have been planned 2000 years ago:

"For then there will be great distress, such as has not been seen since the beginning of the world. Unless those days were shortened, there would be no one left alive. Yet for the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened." (Matthew 24, 21-22)

How will most people on Earth react to a near-future intervention by extra-terrestrials, no matter how benevolent and human-like in appearance they may prove to be? Michael Glickman commented in 2004:

"People don't want change! The last thing most people want is the intervention of a non-Earthly intelligence that proves to be much more evolved and intelligent than we are. Those extra-terrestrials have been with us for a long time now. I believe they are making tentative approaches through crop circles because they have to: there is no time left. We are midway through a major planetary shift which may prove catastrophic. They want to ease things for us as much as possible" (see

(ii) Another possible scenario for the year 2012 might involve some kind of unexpected astronomical event in Earth's sky, or geological effect on planet Earth itself. For example, those crop artists seem to have predicted a bright comet in our sky close to the new Moon of December 13, 2012 (see Somewhat more controversially, they also seem to have predicted that energetic waves of some kind will reach Earth around the end of 2012 or in early 2013, after having travelled through deep space from the center of our galaxy for the past 25,000 years (see

For example in one crop picture from West Kennett on July 13, 1996, they showed us an ancient Mayan symbol called “Hunab Ku” which means "galactic center" (see or

slide 55: West Kennett 1996 (photo credits to Lucy Pringle)

Then in the same picture, they also showed waves of some kind emerging from our galactic center in all directions, at the time of a new Moon and a comet. Presumably this would be the same comet just predicted for a new Moon of December 13, 2012, at Avebury Manor in 2008 (see It will supposedly shine brightly in our sky close to the Sun, just before their Long Count calendar ends on December 21-23, 2012. Why would they show us such things, unless the center of our galaxy were somehow implicated with whatever might happen in late 2012?

Ten years later in another crop picture from Wayland's Smithy on July 8, 2006, they again showed us astronomical rays of some kind that are being emitted from a central source in deep space, at long-term periodic intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 time units:

slide 56: Wayland's Smithy 2006 (photo credits to Lucy Pringle)

The square form of such rays is meant to symbolize an intensity-distance rule from astronomy. Three separate rays are shown for each time unit, in order to symbolize three directions of emission along x, y, or z. Could those rays (or waves) be emitted from our galactic center once every 5000 years, in accord with various epochs or Suns in the Mayan Long Count calendar? Their longest ray "25" matches closely our distance from the galactic center as 25,000 light years.

Each of those "25" rays also shows an extra grid of 7 x 8 mini-circles in its open flat face, to symbolize 56 time periods from their Sun-Venus calendar. At the time when that crop picture appeared during the summer of 2006, 56 cycles of Venus spanning 56 x 0.8 = 45 years had been used up, since that calendar began back on April 10, 1961. And to reach the end of their Sun-Venus calendar on March 28, 2013, there were just 9 cycles or 9 x 0.8 = 7 years left to go.

(iii) A third possible scenario for the year 2012 might involve some kind of worldwide spiritual change as we enter the Mayan Sixth Sun. It is well known that modern crop pictures have provided a spiritual inspiration to many people, for example Francis Blake (see, as well as to many other people who visit them:

slide 57: crop pictures and their spiritual effects (photo credits to Gary King and Russell Stannard)

One of their most remarkable spiritual effects seems to have been upon long-term researcher Rod Bearcloud, who has recently set up plans for a 52-acre theme park in Arizona, to help show such "starglyphs" to the world (see or

slide 58: Bearcloud and his Chameleon Project (photo credits to Rod Bearcloud)
"The Chameleon Project will be a large facility to assist the spirit of humanity on Earth. It will be a world-wide destination oasis. The beauty of its unique gardens, structures and symbols will derive from a heartfelt inspiration of the whole facility. This monumental structure and its dome-enclosed gardens will be created to assist everyone in deepening their understanding of Mother Earth, and to promote a more conscious awareness of our planet. This classical garden park will be designed to inspire the hearts of all people."
Who are those crop artists, and why are they sending us messages of spiritual inspiration in English fields? Have we met them before? Might certain governments on Earth already know who they are? Michael Salla reports for example on a putative meeting between certain friendly extra-terrestrials who look just like us, and representatives of the US government in 1953:

"In the meantime a race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This group warned against the other (grey) aliens who were orbiting our Equator, and offered to help with our spiritual development. They asked however that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as a major pre-condition. They also refused to provide any advanced military technologies, citing that we were spiritually unable to handle even the technologies that we already possessed. They believed that we would simply use any new technologies to destroy one another. They said that we were on a path to self-destruction, and that we should stop killing each other, polluting the Earth and devouring natural resources" (see

A vision of the future: Martin Keitel's dream and Crabwood 2002

Might Quetzalcoatl and his friends possess advanced psychic or spiritual technologies, in addition to all of their other wonders? Consider for example an instructional dream that was sent to crop circle researcher Martin Keitel, as he was decoding the ASCII message from Crabwood in August 2002 (see

"The place is a schoolroom. Tapani Koivula (a Finnish UFO researcher) is presenting a huge book. He says this book has been received from space. It is written in an unknown language, but has been partially decoded. It tells about future changes, for example about our new Sun. Then a woman begins to talk. She says she has something to say about the Mayans. Next she disappears, and a huge 'snake' image appears instead. The 'snake' speaks to me with a low male voice. It says that I have an important task to perform, but I don't have to do it alone. It swirls around me in the form of a spiral, and I feel a strong loving energy radiate from it.

"It gives me a small plastic box filled with red plates. Each plate has some kind of text written on it. The snake says they are instructions. I should take out one plate at a time when it is necessary. Then he goes back into the center of the room, and is replaced by the same woman. She seems unaware of what just happened. But she says again that we need to listen to the Mayans. It is very important. The dream continues: I am with a group of people and feel connected to them. We are discussing how Earth children will be prepared for an upcoming spiritual change in the world, although Earth governments won't support it."

In light of this remarkable dream, how could Crabwood have been made by anyone except Quetzalcoatl? Especially when it shows a small snake-like signature along its lower right-hand edge (see And when it appeared just two weeks after the space-travelling, feathered serpent picture of West Overton on July 28, 2002 (see

Could we be the most spiritually insensitive race in this part of the galaxy? Do we need to undergo a major spiritual change in the near future to become whole? During his investigation of a UFO crash near Varginha, Brazil, investigator Roger Leir was told by a medical doctor who treated an extra-terrestrial survivor of that crash: "They feel sorry for us, because we do not seem to realize that we are spiritual beings, living here only in a temporary shell. And also because we remain totally disconnected from our inner spiritual selves" (see

Signs on the Earth below

Continuing in a spiritual sense, let us recall a prophecy from the Book of Joel in the Jewish Old Testament:

"In the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon all people. On both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days. I will show portents in the heaven above, and signs on the Earth below." (Joel 2, 28 or Acts 2, 17)

Signs on the Earth? Even in a skeptical sense, how can modern crop pictures be anything other than signs on the Earth?

Four years left until December of 2012: plenty of time left to gain a better understanding

We have made considerable progress here at improving our understanding of modern crop circles, but it is certainly not clear yet what all of them mean. Nor have the crop artists told us exactly what will happen in late 2012. They have only given us indirect clues. No one should be unduly concerned however! There are still four years until December of 2012, so we have plenty of time left to receive four more seasons of additional crop pictures, as well as to gain a better understanding of their underlying messages.

Current crop pictures lead us to believe that something important is going to happen soon, maybe in 2012 or perhaps later. If Earth governments and large media organizations continue to ignore such important messages, which are meant for all the people of Earth, and not just for a few photographers, calendar sellers or jewelry manufacturers, then they will do so at their own peril. They will also do so at the possible peril of many ordinary, well-meaning people whom they are theoretically supposed to represent.

To conclude on a positive note, we will summarize here the views about 2012 from some descendants of the ancient Mayan people who are now living in Guatemala (see or

"The world will not end in 2012. But it will be transformed. If the people of Earth can get there in good shape, then we will rise to a higher level. But to get there, we must overcome powerful forces that seek to block our way. There are three kinds of people living on our planet today: spiritual people, sleeping consumers, and dark forces or demons. Those dark forces would rather destroy our world than share power.

"Humanity will continue but in a different way. The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitudes and actions will determine how harsh or mild those changes will be. We are human beings, not consumers or machines. We are the dream of the Great Father: remember that and do not despair!"


Charles Reed and Harold Stryderight